“When I watch Drew Brees, it’s like a Journey concert. Anyway you want it.”-Jon Gruden

Thoughts and reactions from Week 2:

-Yes, yes, the Pats lost pretty bad this week.  Am I nervous?  Nah not really.  Once Moss scored that ridiculous TD, Tom Brady and the entire coaching staff got a big time erection.  Just because Darrelle Revis isn’t out there, doesn’t mean it’s automatically gonna be caught…Bill.  But anyways, the worst news of the day was the fact that we may have lost third down machine Kevin Faulk for a few weeks.  If that’s the case maybe we’ll have to sign another back (Antowain Smith anyone?).  No need to worry, we’re still taking down the division.

-I watched most of the Saints-49ers on Monday night.  Pretty damn good game.  Alex Smith is kinda sorta starting to look like a first overall pick.  With that defense and Crabtree and Vernon Davis, they should still be fine in taking down that division.  As a matter of fact, I bet I could win that division with the Pee Wee football all stars.  Just kidding.  But not really.

-The second ever Pansie Manning Bowl was a blowout.  Eli looked like a  confused little boy lost at an amusement park, while his older brother Peyton made the Giants defense cry a little bit when they realized that Michael Strahan was embarrassing himself on their post game show, rather than embarrassing opposing offensive linemen.

-My fantasy team did some work (Thank you Lesean McCoy).  Andre Johnson played like first round pick that he is, and I beat Tony.  All is well in Fantasy Land.

-Matt Moore did his best Jake Delhomme imitation for the Panthers, leading for them to switch to Notre Dame’s finest Jimmy Clausen for next week.  Which will make me care about the outcome of a Panther’s game for the first time since the Pats Vinatieri’d them in the Super Bowl.

That is all.

P.S. Sorry for the delay with posts this weekend.  I wasn’t near a computer from Saturday morning until late Sunday night.  I had some business to tend to.

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