Really ESPN?

Why on earth is this story about Derek Jeter all over the internet and on ESPN?  Like, congrats Derek, you fooled an umpire.  In case you haven’t noticed, umpires aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.  But for those who don’t know what happened, there was an inside pitch that hit the bottom of Jeter’s bat and he acted like he just got shot, so he was awarded first base.  Not to mention they actually LOST the game, so the fact this story is even relevant just makes no sense.  This type of thing happens every game.  Every. Single. Game.  It’s only making news because it was Derek Jeter, the most over hyped baseball player of all time.

I mean, at least he can own up to the fact that he flopped.  Unlike some little dickhead point guard that plays for the Lakers.

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