The end of an era

The good news just keeps coming.  For those of you who watch “Around the Horn,” on ESPN, you probably went from 6 to midnight when you discovered that Jay Mariotti beat the hell out of his girlfriend.  Listen, that show was putrid to begin with (I watch it because PTI and Sportscenter are on afterwards), but I may actually make an effort to tune in now.  There was nothing I hated more then listening to Mariotti ramble about how awesome he is, and how everyone else just plain sucks.  I’m convinced this moron doesn’t even like sports, he was just put on TV to piss people off (same goes for Jim Rome and Skip Bayless).  But seriously, if I had to pick one panelist on that show, before this happened,  that was most likely to go Chris Brown all up on someone’s ass, it was Mariotti…hands down.  He just has that psycho look about him.  Funny how he always had something to say when athletes got in trouble, now he pulls this shit.  I can only pray that we never have to see this prick on TV ever again….and hopefully a lotmore Bob Ryan.

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