A little taste of Football

So as you may or may not know, football season is upon us.  My boys from Notre Dame pulled off a big win vs. Purdue on Saturday, and the Pats open up against the diva sisters on Sunday.  Now I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that I know this and that about the sport.  Like I have no idea what the difference between a cover 2 and a 4-3 defense is.  I don’t know what makes one lineman better than another.  I’m always left confused on draft day, like when the Patriots pick some random defensive back over some big name running back, or when a Heisman Finalist is projected to go four rounds later then some guy with great “potential.”  But I do know that watching the NFL on Sunday afternoons is some of the most fun I have all week.  Is this because I just care about my fantasy football players?  Maybe, but who cares.  It’s fun either way.  So here’s what I, the casual football fan, am going to be watching for this season:

1.  My teams, the Pats and ND.  Probably won’t miss a game.

2.  My fantasy teams.  I’m in a couple leagues with some competing bloggers.  Be expecting some shit talking from both blogs throughout the year.

3.  The Vh1 Boys.  That would be Mr. “Ochocinco” and Terrell “Quarterback Killer” Owens.

4.  The Scumbag a.k.a. Brett Favre.  Nothing would make me happier than if the Vikings lose 10 games this year.

5.  The “Sanchise.”  If Mark Sanchez has an even worse season, then the Jets could be looking up at plenty of teams, even with Darrelle Revis rejoining the team.  (BTW, I actually gained some respect for Revis after this whole thing, because I’m pretty sure he just didn’t want to embarrass himself on Hard Knocks.  I’m still convinced that’s why LT and Jason Taylor wanted to play in New York)


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