Feeling “Just Right”

What’s up homies? So by now you’ve probably noticed that tennis star Rob Yee and I have started our own little blog.  I know what you’re thinking, “hey Dave, there’s already like twenty thousand sports blogs out there, you suck.” Listen guys, relax.  All Mr. Yee and I are trying to do is show off our unbelievably amazing knowledge of sports, while creating another distraction for my school work this semester. You may not find us funny, or catch our sarcasm at times but we’ll do our best to please you.   But honestly, if you don’t enjoy my posts, then feel free to go do something else with your time…perhaps read another blog (toofarsports?) and listen to another perspective on sports.  Although we aren’t trying to rival those miserable pricks at too far (minus Eddie), they were absolutely why we began this blog.  But enough about them, here’s what we’re about at “just right.”

So I know everyone out there reading this first post, which is honestly probably like three of us, (Me, Robbie, and Robbie’s sister Julia ;)), is wondering the same thing, “what makes your blog so dynamic and special compared to the other competing blogs?” Well my friend, I have a perfect answer for you. Not only will we be giving you excellent analysis of all Boston/New England sporting events, we will also be supplying you with enjoyable videos that will more than likely cause you to have an explosion in your pants…and to top it all off, we’ll get inside access from tennis superstar Rob Yee!!!! Don’t let Robbie be too humble, because he’s the number one player at a Division 1 School (Duke) and is looking for tryouts to go pro? Is that how it works? Not too sure. But yeah, he’s a good player..look him up…and in the meantime we’ll be writing posts on here… not just to keep you up to date in sports, because we all have ESPN for that. But if you want a comical reaction to athletes acting like morons, and you don’t’ want to listen to dickheads like Skip Bayless and wife beater Jay Mariotti ramble about it, then be sure to tune into Just Right Sports. We’ll try to make your life suck that much less.

David Russell Rocco Griffin

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2 Responses to Feeling “Just Right”

  1. Kristina Yee says:

    You can add Rob’s other sister and his brother-in-law to the list of readers. That makes 5!

  2. Corleto Bob says:

    Rocco – Good luck with your blog. Corleto Bob

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