Greetings and Such

Hello world.  Welcome to Just Right Sports, a blog that hopes to cover any sports related topics that we find interesting, funny, or otherwise blog-worthy.  This blog is in no way affiliated with Too Far Sports.  We’re all friends but have different interests and different opinions and should be treated as such.  I, for example, do not think that tennis sucks.  Oh yes, that’s right, expect a tennis blog or two out of me.  Primarily though, this blog will be covering the MLB and the NBA – that is until we find a football guy (any takers?).  Obviously, due to our geographical situation, this blog will mostly cover the Red Sox and Celtics, with some Patriots coverage and who knows, maybe even some Bruins.  Certainly no Revolution or Cannons.  Let’s keep it to real sports here.  But yeah, tennis will still be covered.

Well, I find intro blogs moderately awkward so I might just shut up.  I figure I’ll leave you with a little somethin somethin for the road before Dave comes and introduces himself and we get this little project rollin.  For now, check out some of my favorite sports moments and players after the jump.

Favorite non-Boston team: Utah Jazz… have you seen that roster? White white white.  They made up for losing resident Justin Bieber fan Kyle Korver and sort-of-white black guy Carlos Boozer by drafting Gordon Hayward.  Somewhere in the giant mystical corn field that is Indiana, Larry Bird and the Indiana Pacers weep.  Despite the lack of athletic talent (other than Deron Williams, the best point guard in the league), the Jazz manage to contend year after year… even with the ugliness that is Kyrylo Fesenko.

Favorite Boston Sports Moments:

What? Not the Dave Roberts steal?  That’s right.  Remember when the Red Sox couldn’t lose to the Yankees in ’09?  When we beat them 9 times in a row to start the season?  Yeah, I remember too.  All too well.

Might not be the best fight of all time, but that guy sucked and Lucic ruined him.  (Sidenote: gotta love Boston announcers.  Just the biggest homers in every sport.  Remy, Heinsohn, and Jack Edwards are all just ridiculous.)  And…

That’s all for today.  Check back soon for Dave’s first post.  You stay classy.

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One Response to Greetings and Such

  1. Corleto Bob says:

    Fine China – Good luck with your blog. We like tennis – pleae don’t bore us with golf, however. What did you think of the US Open?

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