John Lackey makes roughly this much more then me….that’s too bad.

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Get Me Robbie Hummel

If only so that the Celtics’ next Big Three can be called “The Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson All Stars.”

JaJuan Johnson. E’Twaun Moore. My mother is not happy. “JaJuan-ooo.” I love it.

We want the cup!

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With the Draft coming up tomorrow night, and trade rumors flying left and right, we are all heavily anticipating the upcoming moves of the NBA’s top teams.

So yeh in case you missed it the Heat lost in the Finals, once again denying “The Chosen One” a Championship Ring. The Dirk/Jesus led Mavs were able to take down the Mighty Monstars of Miami. Unfortunately for Dirk and Co., their incredible championship run has been overshadowed by the seemingly more important incredible championship failure of the Heat. Myself being a huge Lebron hater, I was still surprised by how much disgust basketball fans worldwide showed for the Heat during the Finals. Why so much hate?….So much talent.

Lebron, Wade, and Chris Bosh (not a superstar but still very talented) – There is no reason for anything less than a Championship. You know it, I know it, and that’s why we all hate them.

Even with the horrid “FAILURE” of the Heat not winning a championship in their first year, Pat Riley reminded us yesterday that “we will be a multiple championship-contending team. This was a great year. It was a disappointing ending”. Clearly, the Heat are going to be a JUGGERNAUT for years to come.

So what should the Heat do this offseason to avoid another FAILURE?? Look no further than the above picture.

 On your left…. One of the Greatest  head coaches in NBA history –  Five Championships, three times coach of the year, I mean seriously….. the guy even took the Knicks to the NBA Finals.           

On your right… Erik Spoelstra – First Filipino-American head coach of any professional sports team in America. YYAAAYY!!!

Pretty cool fun fact, but get real with this guy. Last two minutes of an ELIMINATION game in the NBA FINALS and super-genius Spoelstra subs in EDDIE HOUSE just in time chuck up an air-mailed 3 pointer. (Sorry Eddie. Still love everything you did for the Celts, but for no reason should you have been touching the floor here). How about James Jones??? Single handedly beat the Celts Game 1, and was shooting a ridiculous 46% from downtown in the playoffs. NBA Finals comes along and Spoelstra strikes again… Jones didn’t play a single minute in the series. Just by seeing some of the stare down’s/blank expressions in the huddle, there’s no way Wade or Lebron trust this guy when the games on the line.

If the Heat are seriously trying to take home the title next year, it’s time that Riley stops worrying about hurting the little guy’s ego and takes over as Head Coach like the Boss that he is. That being said, man I hope he doesn’t. Yay Spoelstra!!

(PS – I love spelling my Headlines correctly).

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NBA Draft Preiew

With the NBA draft a day away, I have some pondering issues for the Celtics.  For instance, what should we do about Josh Smith?  Rumor has it we have some serious interest in him, but for what price?  I heard potentially trading either Garnett or Ray Ray, but I don’t like it.  I’m thinking possibly our first round pick this year,and the Clippers first rounder that we obtained for next year, while throwing in a couple expiring contracts.  If the Magic end up getting him, which is another possible landing spot, then Dwight will have a better chance at staying in Orlando..and that would be no fun for anyone.

In other news, I still think the Cavs should take Derrick Williams number one and take either Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker at 4.  I’m not sold on Enes Kanter but then again, that’s why I’m not an NBA scout….we’ll see what happens.

In terms of other superstars on the block, rumor has it Tony Parker is available.  That wouldn’t be a bad move for several teams looking for a veteran point guard, but I don’t think he’d be much help unless he gets put back on a contender.  Possibly Utah at 3, teaming him up with Millsap and Jefferson would make them an instantly better team.  Either way the draft should be fun

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Guilty as Charged

You called my bluff, Mr. Yee.  I’ve secretly been the biggest Bruins fan on this side of the Mississippi.  I know everything there is to know about this team.  So next time you think about calling me a bandwagon fan, you bite your tongue.  I’ve been a hard and loyal fan for years.

In conclusion, congrats to all my boys.  That means you Joe Thornton, Sergei Samsonov, Byron Dafoe, Bobby Orr, Ray Bourque, and whoever else may be on this fine hockey team.  Go B’s!!  See you at the parade LOLZ!!

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Go Bruins!!

Awww yeah. He’d never let you believe it, but Rocco is actually the biggest hockey fan I know. So much so that he couldn’t even leave his house last night because he would’ve blown his own cover. Just pure giddiness. Joy. Whatever you want to call it, Rocco felt it last night when that dude with the nose put the puck past the non-existent goalie.

Biggest win in sports history, no doubt, for Mr. David Russell Rocco Griffin, esq.

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Although I’m openly not really a Bruins/hockey fan, this just further proves why Boston runs shit and is the best city ever.  Good job fellas.

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